Mechanical Performance of Catalyst Pellets

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Industrial Context Ceramic particles are pelletized and fired to produce high porosity catalyst pellets of complex shapes. These pellets fill cylindrical reactor columns with particulate packing structures that are key to the in-service performance, but will suffer breakages, which impact … Continued

Coastal Engineering

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Sea-level rise and increased storminess present huge challenges to coastal engineers and governments worldwide. The seaward slope of many breakwaters and shoreline defence structures consists of thousands of interlocking units of concrete or rock, making up a massive granular defence … Continued

About Solidity

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Welcome to the FEMDEM modelling group, part of the Applied Modelling and Computation Group (AMCG) at  Imperial College London Solidity is an Open Source general purpose, two and three dimension finite element – discrete element solid mechanics code. Solidity solves highly … Continued

Fracture Modelling

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 3D FRACTURE MODEL Drs Liwei Guo, Jiansheng Xiang, John-Paul Latham and Mr Ado Farsi and Dr Andy Pullen (validation research) The constitutive model used in the three-dimensional fracture model is similar to the combined single and smeared crack model proposed … Continued

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