Artery Wall under Blood Flow

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This is a fluid-structure interaction model (FSI) to simulate the blood flow and vessel wall mechanics of a mouse carotid artery. This FSI model is based on the immersed-body method (Yang, Xiang et al. 2016) which couples an open source … Continued

Blast Fragmentation of Rock with Discontinuities

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In mining, accounting for pre-existing discontinuities in fragmentation prediction has followed pragmatic empirical e.g. blastability approaches. Efforts to improve prediction and blast design are increasingly employing dynamic crack propagation models. Here, a discontinuous computational approach based on the combine finite-discrete … Continued

Recent Publications

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Journal Articles Scaravaglione, G., Latham, J. -P., & Xiang, J. (2021). Numerical Model Study of Prototype Drop Tests on Cube and Cubipod(R) Concrete Armor Units Using the Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method. JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, 9(5), 22 pages. … Continued

Fracture Networks in Rock

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Natural fractures such as joints and faults are ubiquitous in crustal rocks. These naturally occurring discontinuities often comprise complex networks and create highly disordered geological conditions. Fractures, along which rupture has caused cohesion loss and mechanical weakness in the rock, … Continued